Monday, July 10, 2006

OERM Signal Activities - Jul 8 & 9, 2006

General Notes:

Mapes Crossing Conduits installed (Ron, Allen, Gene, PaulO, Gary, Mike) --- 1.) 1.5 inch from south case to battery box, 2.) 1.5 inch from North case to north crossing mat for track wires (6 ft north of NW corner of drain basin), 3.) 1.5 inch from South case to south crossing mat for track wires, 4.) North case to "Bootleg" (small junction box on pedestal) near south wye switch (PhilP).

Mapes Crossing Wiring installed --- 3 each #10 plus rope pulled into new conduit from North case to flasher light for SB A Street.

Mapes Control Cases will eventually have Signal Circuits in addition to crossing circuits --- NB Signal will be installed on mast at Mapes South Case. 3 inch conduits will carry wires under Mapes, then overhead is planned from North Mapes case to south Alpine platform where existing underground conduit for 2038 signal can be used to get wires to Alpine case.

Mapes Crossing -- all conduits are now in --- only addition needed is LB needs to be installed on stub conduit at South Gate.

11th ST Crossing Monthly Maintenance --- Gary/Allen/Gene performed monthly maintenance at 11th ST crossing -- see tips and WOs below.

Inspection Tip for 11th St Crossing --- 1.) After AC out test need to invert AC power relay to restore White AC Power OK indicator, 2.) For 2.5 minute timer test, shunting of RCV at Island AFTAC in main case is not good enough to shunt approach AFTAC at north case -- a "good/low Z" shunt on XMT at Island AFTAC is marginally ok to shunt approach which then starts 2.5 minute timer. If timer test fails with shunt at main case, either wait for train traffic or shunt at North Receiver case.

Work Orders at 11th St --- 1.) Adjust north arm to insure nominal clearance of gate tip to overhead wires, 2.) Adjust, repair, replace north bell to insure proper operation, 3.) Retest ground fault at south transmitter to insure proper operation. 4.) Retest south transmitter for 2 minute load time and check battery water levels.

MoW High-Rail truck --- Gary/Allen installed new corner clearance lamp sockets on all 4 corners. Need 2 new bulbs and 1 new lens.

Drinking Fountain in Signal Shop --- Mike installed a new drinking fountain as the old one rusted out and was leaking.