Wednesday, September 13, 2006

OERM Signal Activities - Aug 26-27

Mapes Grade Crossing rebuild ----
1.) Poured a concrete floor in the base of the B case (south side).
2.) Drilled hole in south gate and installed LB condulet.
3.) Pulled in wires for south gate to B case.
(Gene, Allen, Mike)

Signal Garden Cleanup ----
Pulled several dumpsters full of weeds and small trees that had grown to the point where they obscured the signals themselves and definitely limited the view of the garden by passers-by.
(Allen, Ron, Gary)

Miscellaneous ----
1.) Moved many of the "storage" type items from around the Signal Shop (mostly south of the shop road) to the out back storage area. Used the MoW stake bed to easily fork in and out the pallets of stuff.

2.) Reviewed (and admired) the new water cooler Mike installed in the machine shop. Discussed future "improvements" to keep the water from warming up prior to getting to the water cooler -- it seems the chiller in it can not overcome the heat gained by the water through the uninsulated feed line.

Additional activities on Saturday Sept 9 -- Paul and Gene selected the cables to be pulled across the reconstructed Mapes crossing and finished the monthly inspections.


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