Wednesday, September 27, 2006

OERM Signal Activities - Sept 23 (Sat. only)

Mapes Grade Crossing rebuild ----
1.) Wire for under street conduit from A-case to B-case did not arrive from supplier so we searched "out-back" for suitable replacement but none found. Plan is to get crossing operational using previous overhead wires across Mapes and add the new underground wire in later.
2.) Wire from B-case to L-Gate terminated and connected at both ends.
3.) Wire (4 #6s) pulled into conduit from Battery Box to B-case -- 10 VDC and 16 VDC.
4.) New terminal strips added in B-case.
5.) Following still needs to be done to get crossing fully operational -- new battery wires terminated and connected, pull in track wires at both north and south track island points (conduit already in place), terminate track wires, install & connect charger.
6.) Mapes Signals must be fully operational before Thomas.
(Gene, Allen, Gary)

MoW Bucket Truck repair ----
1.) Rebolt bracket for front right leaf springs.
2.) Replace locks for doors and ignition switch.
3.) Pulled valve cover and rocker assembly for inspection -- looks clean.
4.) Inspection of boom shows fiberglass degradation is just cosmetic -- entire boom is steel. Appears fiberglas was added as insulation for high voltage protection.
5.) Hydraulic pump was separate and is missing -- Mike's plan is to try and add transfer pump to transmission rather than a belt driven pump or a stand-alone pump.
6.) Inspection shows missing cooling inlet/thermostat cover and bypass.
7.) Previously pulled pan --- inspection shows 2 spun crank/rod bearings but otherwise clean.
(Mike and Ron)


Anonymous Allen said...

Drilling and bonding of track wires by Gene, Mike and Allen have started last week. All track wires and power connections should be completed this coming weekend.

6:55 AM  

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