Sunday, October 15, 2006

OERM Signals - Mapes Xing Recent Activities

Saturday Oct 14, 2006 ----
1.) Drill holes in rail for south island track wires and joint bond wires.
2.) Install bond wires (6 each) on new joints.
3.) Pull into conduit and terminate at rail new track wires for island circuit on each side of intersection (approx 10 feet for edge of automobile traffic lane).
4.) MoW Hi-Rail truck used to transport equipment and rail drill to crossing and provided a mobile work area.
5.) Still needed -- a.) Troublshoot +16vdc short (approx 60 amps - 0.25 ohm), b.) Connect new track wires in both A and B cases, c.)Connect light/bell wires for A-Street South stand-alone flasher/bell mast.
6.) Mapes Signals must be fully operational before Thomas.
(Gene, Mike, Ron, Allen, Gary)

Last Week ----
1.) Drilled holes in rail for track wires -- north island track wires (Allen, Mike).
2.) Moved power supplies back into "B" case, prepared new power supply wires and connected to case (Gene)
3.) Terminated and connected new wires for +10vdc and +16vdc batteries (Gene).


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